Monday, December 13, 2010

A time for finishing

I guess it fits in with the time of year but I spent a lot of the weekend trying to finish things that had been on the needle for quite a while and to do a project I've been meaning to do for a long time.

I've had several socks on the needles and have been wanting to get them finished so I can wear them.  The red pair are made with my favorite sock yarn - Berroco Sox.  I love the colors, I love knitting with it and I love how they wear.

The blue pair was started one night sitting at an auction waiting for a spinning wheel to come up.  I don't remember what the sock yarn is but it was an experiment of cables.  I almost didn't cast on enough stitches but I think it will be better after washing.  There is a large main cable running through and then a smaller, more widely spaced cable running between.  Fortunately I had finished the second cuff before the socks got put away because I don't know if I would ever figure out what I was doing again!

Finally, the purse.  I finished the main section of this purse was competed probably 2 years ago (using Noro Silk Garden).  The plan was to felt it and do a beaded section at the top but I finally decided it looked well with these handles.  I like the size and the blend of colors and the handles fit it.

One of the few blogs I follow is The Yarn Harlot - Stephanie Pearl-McPhee.  She showed a picture of Fiber Trends felted clogs she'd knitted and how many giggles she got from looking at them pre-felting.  I made a pair of these about 7 years ago and wore them literally until the bottoms wore out and I'd been meaning to make another pair since those were retired.  Here are mine (with a shoe between to show the scale).
Hehehehehe.  I never get tired of it!

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