Monday, December 6, 2010

Needle in a Haystack

If you're in the Central Illinois area, mark January 15th in your calendar for the Needle in a Haystack event at Lincoln Land Community College.  There are going to be classes in sewing, embroidery, knitting, spinning, crochet, quilting and more.  There will be 4 class sessions through the day so you can get an introduction into a variety of things. 

Even if you can't manage a class come on over to visit the displays and demonstrations being put on by Springfield-based needleart guilds.  I've got more info and links to register online at  Click on over there.  One word.  There won't be vendors this first year to give them a chance to really focus on the event itself.  But the vision is to take what's learned this year and build on it.

I'll be doing several things during the day including:
  • Intro to spinning yarn with a drop spindle.  You'll make your own drop spindle and then learn the basics of spinning using this ancient tool. 
  • Lunchtime presentation on Crafting in Times of Crises.  You can sign up for an onsite lunch and while you're munching down, I'll share some thoughts on how crafters have always met crises with creativity both to meet the needs of those hit by the crises and in the meantime, provide solace to their own hearts.
  • Amigurumi Crochet.  Have you ever seen this stuff?  So cute.  Here are some things I've done for the class:

The fish and Mr. Beaver came from a kit/book I got at Barnes and Noble called "Creature Crochet."  The kit came with everything to make these 2 little guys and the book has 10 more to make, including alley cats complete with trash cans and fish bones with jiggly eyes!

The turtle is my little creation and may be our project for the class.  I made it as a little box with a removable shell.
I have to give all the credit to Judy Wagenblast over at Lincoln Land for coming up with this project.  It's been a ton of work and they've gotten it done in record time.  We want everyone to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity so we can convince them to do this every year!!

I've been getting questions so I'll let you know that I will be doing another shuttle tatting class during the semester.  We're going to do it as a 2-part class with a limit of 6 students (in February) then there will be a 1-session "next steps" class (in March) for those who have the basics and want to learn a few new things.  If we get the same reception this semester that we got last semester, we'll try to fit in another beginning class later on in the spring.

Hey, while we're on the class thing, I'll be teaching a knitted lace class at the Three Sisters Folk Art School in April.  Click here for more info as it gets posted.

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