Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spindle Galore

Do you ever get inspiration at 10pm?  If you do, I bet you file it away, go to bed and get a good night's sleep.  Am I right?  Sure I am.  Is that what I do? Of course not. 

Last night I was sitting spinning when an idea hit me.  I've been wanting to try my hand at making some spindles that were a little more special than just the toy wheels and dowels.  By 1:30am, I had my first attempt:

That's silver wire and an agate stone. I like how it came out and it spins fine but it's a little out of proportion.  I do like the idea, though.  I'm going to have another go with a finer dowel and some other stones I've got. 

I went to La Bead Oh this afternoon and found some likely items and came up with these:

I did 3 top whorl and 1 bottom whorl.  I'm not so crazy about bottom whorl spindles but I'm trying to give them a chance.  These are all glass beads and I had very little to do to make them fit.  The middle one standing was a little large for the dowel so I used a silver wire to wrap around and fit up through the bead to make it snug.  Looks so pretty against the clear glass bead.  The 2 standing on the right spin wonderfully and are just the right weight.  The others wobble a little bit but they do spin. 

I'll post more if I get more made.

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