Thursday, March 25, 2010

I found my mittens

I had a real life mystery going on all winter long.  Two years ago I knit some Norwegian mittens from a Nancy Bush pattern published in one of the magazines.  I loved them and wore them all the next winter.  Spring came and I put away my woolens.  I knew where my woolens were packed away so when this winter came, I pulled everything out and was cozy warm.  All except my hands which sorely missed my mittens.  I looked high and low, in where the woolens were stored, in drawers, in boxes in my craft room, in my box of samples, in closets.  In short, I looked everywhere I could think of - even the freezer.  (Well, you never know, do you?)  I couldn't find them anywhere.  I knew they weren't lost because whoever lost both gloves at the same time?

I didn't panic but I stayed confused all winter, every time I put on mittens or other gloves.  Where, oh where, could they be?

I was getting ready for my trip to my Mom's the other day (that's where I am now and why no pictures).  I washed the car, got the insides all vacuumed out and took one of the storage boxes I keep in the trunk out.  It's where I keep various things including an extra coat (don't ask).  I took it in the house and happened to notice that the pockets looked like they had something in them.  And there, where they had been all the time, were my lovely Norwegian gloves.  Found too late to use this year but they will be carefully put away this year in a much less logical place so I'll be sure to have them for next year.

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