Monday, July 28, 2008

One more thing

It's the old, old story. Girl goes to straighten up stash, girl finds unfinished project, girl finishes project, girl forgets about straightening up stash.

Yep, caught up in the old vortex again. But look what I found at the edge of the stash. I can't even remember when I started these gloves (Nancy Bush - Norwegian gloves from Piecework online download) but it was probably as I was in the midst of the Danish sweater. I started it with other colors, couldn't figure out the fingers the way the pattern was written (definitely not a beginner's pattern in any way, shape or form unless you're a beginner savant). I remember I put it away for a while. Then I decided to start again with the colors it called for and, again, got the pinky finger done and then was probably too distracted to think through the pattern.

Well, this time I was determined to do it. How often is it like this. You stare at a pattern from anywhere from a few minutes to a year and it makes no sense and then, one day you're straightening your stash, find it, pick it up and all of a sudden it makes some sort of sense. This time it must have taken because I still didn't think any better of the pattern but it made sense and I actually breezed right through. All I have to do now if the final thumb and the finishing work on the second one. These are made out of KnitPicks Palette yarn in dark grey, natural and red. If you haven't heard about the red knitted into Norwegian patterns I'll tell you one day. It has to do with the Norwegian resistance in WW2.

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