Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Scared silly

Before I start, let me just answer a question from Tricia about the Vintage Rocks Baby sweater and the sizing.  I'm not that good at baby sizing but I would say the pattern as written is probably 6-9 months.  But the nice thing about the way it's worked is that it's really easy to adapt.  The top part is worked from sleeve to sleeve so you can just make it longer, if needed, and the 'skirt' part can be knit longer or fuller by completing more pattern repeats.

Now to the purpose of this post.

I got my 000000 and 00000 double point needles in the mail yesterday.  When I opened the package, I realized just how glib I've been, talking about knitting a project with size 100 crochet cotton and US size 000000 needles.  Good googly moogly, these suckers are tiny. 

How about this:

Even seeing them in context like this makes it hard to communicate.  You've really got to hold them in your hand to get the full effect.  I've included the yarns, too, just as an added bonus.  I had no idea what I was getting into.  All I know is that I'll have to have a quiet period with no pressure to do anything else before I start the new pattern.  More about that later...

I did finish a skein of the spindle-spun natural color so I could start my Norwegian mittens.  It came out a lighter weight than the blue but when I washed it (it was just a quick wash) it bloomed quite a lot.  I'm thinking it will fill out a bit more once it's worked up and given a proper wash.  Nevertheless, it's still going to be a lighter weight.  The mittens I'm doing (more about that later, too) are knit on size 0 needles so I've got them started and I'll see how I like it.  I've got more of the blue and the natural so I can always spin another skein if I feel like that will work better.

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