Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vintage Rocks Baby

Here in babyland, patterns just keep coming. I was looking for something else the other night when I came across a very cute baby pattern in a 1954 pattern magazine. I took it out, copied it and got the yarn I was going to use. Then I realized it was a crochet pattern. Although I do crochet, I don't like yarn crochet for clothes. Don't like it. Don't do it.

But when I first saw the pattern picture, I immediately had an idea of what I thought it was so instead of being sad, I just got to gettin' and this is what I got (getted):

Cute, no? And fast, like likety split. I'm planning to get the pattern written up and posted as a free download this weekend. I'll let you know when it's done. To make a larger or smaller size, all one would need to do it use larger (or smaller) needles.

Oh, yeah, and I found out someone else at work is pregnant. More babies mean more baby knitting.

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Tricia said...

Hi! I want to make this adorable sweater, but I wasnt sure what approximate size you think your pattern makes using the size 3 and 5 needles you used. Can you tell me? Im pretty new to knitting.