Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another experiment

The Yarn Harlot had several posts about how she hadn’t done this popular scarf pattern because ‘everyone is doing it.” She finally broke down and let herself follow the crowd and was enormously pleased with the product. The scarf, however, uses Noro Silk Garden and will cost about $40. For me, now the stand back wasn’t about the fact everyone was doing it but the cost. I’m sure I’ve spent a crazy amount of money on projects like this but I spent it before I realized it, not going into it knowing I was spending that sort of money.

So I pulled out the old ‘what if’ and came up with this:

I just love it! And what did it cost? A skein of yarn from my stash that I think was about $7. Yes, just one skein and not all of that!

I followed the pattern of the Noro scarf which is a simple knit 1/purl 1 ribbing, which makes a lovely thick, double-sided fabric, and knitted on. I cast 34 stitches (I think) on US size 8 needles with
Berroco Ultra Alpaca and worked straight on. I was going to use 2 skeins and make it a long scarf but as I got into I realized it was quite wide and thick so I wasn’t sure it would be that great as a long scarf. So, what if I just made it a short scarf with a button hole which would hold the scarf securely while it’s on? Ha! Just what the doctor ordered and I love it. In fact, I’m going to wear it today. Just because I can. Ha!

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