Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Pi Day

Pi Day (3/14 – and 1:59 if you’re really into it) would be a day celebrated only by mathematicians the world over if it hadn’t been for the wonderful creativity of the inimitable Elizabeth Zimmerman.

Never one to ignore a good idea, no matter where she found it, it only took Elizabeth grasping the basics of the Pi theory to work out that it would be a fantastic basis for making a round shawl. From the time she made that discovery all those many years ago to now, countless knitters have used the Pi Shawl as a first lace pattern or as a basis for wild and wonderful creativity. The beauty is in its simplicity and its simplicity lies in the fact that increases are made on a single row at set distances, leaving room to throw whatever lace pattern takes your fancy in between those increase rows.

I’ve made 2 pi shawls and am getting ready (if I ever get this Skrå-trøyer sweater finished – body done and one sleeve almost finished – yea!) to start a Pi Afghan – working the whole Pi Shawl thing but using a worsted weight yarn. Not my idea – cadged from some ideas shared on the internet.

My first Pi Shawl was made strictly according to EZ’s pattern with the knitted off edging and all (the edging took longer than the shawl). The second one was made with lace weight alpaca in different colors for each section with an added section on the outside. I ended up with something like 1400 stitches – way too many for the knitted of edging. I crocheted off the edging which was quick, easy and, if I do say so myself, very attractive!

So, cheers to all things round and all things Pi (or pie should you so choose!).

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