Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sweet experiment

I never thought I would become a pin cushion whore but I was wrong. Now that I've had some time to think about the cute pin cushion my friend Jennie gave me, I thought I'd try my hand. 

At the craft store I found this little box. Now when I travel with my bobbin lace stuff, one of the things I have issues with is the pin cushion and keeping it from getting caught on things. What about if I could close it up?

A few weeks ago I found some pin cushion filler made from crushed walnuts with lavender. So I did this. 
Now I have a pin cushion that can be attached to my pillow but then be closed up when traveling. I need to finish the box itself but I'm happy. 

Since I still had walnut shells, I decided to do another type of pin cushion - just a plain old square. It smells like heaven (if heaven smelt like lavender - and I'm pretty sure it does). 

It's a good thing I have enough pins for all these cushions. 

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