Friday, January 27, 2017

So much to learn so little time

So excited!  On Sunday I get to go with one of my favorite people to a weaving class taught by another of my favorite people and spend the whole day better learning how to warp my loom. 

Jennie Hawkey of Hopewell Weaving teaches a wide variety of classes through the year at her studio near Peoria. Fabulous teacher and all around good egg, that's her. 

I have warped a loom before in my life but if I were ever to be filmed doing it, the video would go majorly viral and cause injury to many people (from laughing). I want to do good in the world, not injury, so I will be at Jennie's house on Sunday to learn and doing a little laughing myself (and at myself, in sure).

If you're in this area of the country and want a reasonably priced weaving class, keep an eye on Jennie's website ( or follow her on Facebook. You can sign up for her mailing list and keep up on what classes she had going on. 

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