Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Finale - Curtains

Now that I've got the transom curtain done, I just have one final curtain to finish. It's for this window. 

When I first moved in, I was all gung-ho to get all the curtains made and I completed a knitted single curtain, a crocheted single curtain and a double crocheted curtain. I purposely didn't do one for this window because I had the pretty stained glass there. 

But later I decided I did want one and thought I need to even things out with a knitted one. Crochet goes much faster for this sort of thing but I didn't want the other knitted curtain to get feel all alone. 

So I cast on one if my favorite lace patterns, a thistle pattern. I got part way through before other things took it's place but I'm now back at it and determined to get it done. 

I'm almost through the first pattern repeat but will need to do another one to get the length I need. But it's a pretty easy pattern and goes pretty fast when I actually manage to work on it. I'm a little disappointed that the knitting fairies didn't make a little more progress while it was sitting on the side but what'cha gonna do?

Just have to finish it myself, I guess. 

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