Friday, September 12, 2014

Two fer

What do you think looking at this skein of yarn?  That it must be 2 skeins hanging together?

You would think so but, no, it's one skein spun on the same spindle from what (I thought) was the same bunch of fiber. I decided to do a Navajo ply which means that it was plied on itself in order.   After I washed it and let it dry, I couldn't figure out why it was all wonky. Until I cut a couple if the ties, that is. 

Evidently I used 2 different bumps of fiber because in one skein of yarn, I managed to get 2 very distinct and very different skins of yarn. One is a very smooth, very sproingy yarn. Lots of bounce. 

And the other is a soft, halo-y yarn with almost no bounce. 

I thought I was spinning a cashmere/merino blend (which is the second one) but evidently I was also spinning a merino/merino blend. That would be the first one. 

So my question is, should I divide them when I wind them and use them separately or should I wind them together and see comes out in the end?  I was thinking about dying them (for which I would keep them together). Or I could add them to my white on white project (in which case I would probably separate them). Hummm...

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