Saturday, July 26, 2014

Second time around

I so enjoyed the Schneeburger piece from the LACE program that I thought I'd try something new. I was looking through a bag of tatting cotton I picked up somewhere. Almost all of them were variegated colors but there were some corresponding solid colors. I thought it might be interesting to try a solid color on the outside with the running variegation for the flower petals. 
I think it gives an interesting effect although I think it might be nicer with a lighter color. 

From start to finish this project took about 4 hours. It would be a great option for a small gift (in a little frame) or on a gift card. 

You could even piece them together in a small doily. many ideas. 

1 comment:

Susie J said...

I like the colors you selected. This is one of my favorite laces because it works up so fast. I have made some lovely ornaments for my tree in Schneeburger.