Sunday, May 11, 2014

Systematic Bird Gets the Worm

Dateline: this morning in the porch

It was reported this morning that a very determined female cardinal has devised a new plan for foraging. She was first sighted near the large feeder but instead on partaking, she began a grid search of the back yard. 

Hopping into a corner of the yard, she reportedly carefully searched the surrounding yard moving in a fairly straight line from front to back and then she moved back to front, continueing until she'd covered the whole  yard. 
I don't think you can see it but this is right before she flew away. It appears she did have something in her beak. Witnesses speculate it could indeed have been a worm. While common understanding avows that it's the early bird that gets the worm, it now appears that systematic birds have a foot in that market. 

Reporting live from the back porch. 

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