Thursday, April 24, 2014

Closing In

There has been a lot going on this past week including late nights at work, a little bit of time off work spent in the yard cleaning things up and getting some stuff planted.  Going back into the yard to critter-proof the new platings and working more in the yard, etc. you get the picture. 

But in the midst of all that I've been working on my doily. 
Just 2 1/2 repeats to go to finish the outside. I've had a lot of people ask and those are pins, not beads. Once I'm done, all of those will be removed. They're used to help shape the lace and keep it in place until it's done. 

This has been a fun project for a number of reasons. First because it's not too hard but I've gotten a ton of practice on making leaf tallies and plaits. 

Second, because it think the construction is interesting. The pattern had a little bit of instruction but not everything was spelled out. I like that. It makes me have to think about what I'm doing and why. That challenges my bobbin lace skills. 

Third,I'm going to get more than enough practice making picots when I do the center. 

Finally, I think it will be a nice piece when it's finished and I know just where I'm going to put it. 

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