Sunday, March 27, 2011

Rabbit Trails

I was so looking forward to this weekend since it's the first one in a long time when I had nothing planned.  No meetings.  No trips.  Just a chance to work on the things I want to.

I had a list of things that I wanted to work on.  A lace project, finish my weaving project, spinning project, start a new bobbin lace project, etc.

What I actually did, however, was spangle 48 bobbins:
Stain 48 bobbins:

And varnish 48 bobbins.

What that started was something I hadn't planned on.  While I searched out the supplies to spangle my bobbins, I found a number of jewelry beading projects that had been sitting there for who knows how long.  Sooooo...


Plus another necklace and bracelet I don't have a photo of.  A whole new jewelry wardrobe, if spring ever does come.

The 2 necklaces at the botton of the last photo are special.  I know they look like plain beads but they were my Grannie's beads that I've restrung.  I used some of them for my bobbins and the rest I restrung.  The strings were falling apart and I was afraid to wear it for fear of losing the beads.  Now they're back into shape to be worn.

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