Tuesday, March 8, 2011


After the last post, I did want you to know that, thanks to YouTube, I'm progressing.  Woohoo, YouTube.  I remembered my friend, Jennie, saying that you had to use the 2 shuttles at once but I didn't remember if it was every pass, every couple of passes, every once in a while, everytime I think of you...Wait, I think that's a song.  Anyway, I tried a few things and then decided to find a vid because I was sure someone had posted a vid and viola!
Look, Ma, I'm weaving!

I would tell you more but I'm late for work so that will have to wait for the next post (with more pics).

But I did want to show you my finished "travel" pillow for bobbin lace, which I'm getting used to now and think it's going to work:

The pillow is in a self-contained box and the paraphenalia fits into the second box.  I've just got to rig a carrying case for the two and I'll be set.  I also need to sew a couple more fabric blocs but I'll add as I go along.  There's not much progress here but I do now have a section of the lace completed.  I've also got this going on.  I was told this tread was too thin for this size pricking but I already had the bobbins wound so I'm going to work the length with this tread.  It does for my purposes of practice anyway.

This is also a pillow I made.  Well, most of it is.  The part I'm working on was the pillow from my original Lacis kit.  Beginning steps but, oh so fun!

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