Monday, February 7, 2011

Wonderful Workshop

We had the most amazing workshop this weekend with Patsy Zawistoski, known in spinning circles as Patsy Z.  The weekend was a mixture of 2 workshops - Quick Novelty Yarns and Silk, the Queen of Fibers. 

Eleven of us showed up for the weekend where we learned all kinds of things. 

We tried silk in just about every preparation, we did faux boucle, real boucle, cabled yarns, Lopi-style yarns, core spun, slub/spiral yarns, "illegal" plied yarns (that is, one single with right twist and one with left then plied together), knot yarns.  It was really challenging but everyone was able to do each type of yarn, although with varying success! 

These aren't all my samples but all I could quickly get my hands on.  I found I'm not very good with the slub yarns and there were a couple of others that I didn't get down very well because I didn't have enough twist in my yarn.  I knew I had a problem getting enough twist in my plying but I didn't realize that some of that may be because I'm not getting enough twist in my singles.

I like this photo - a good view of spinning up a storm, right!

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