Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekend Report

I'm not sure how many superlatives there are in the English language but I think I could use them all from Saturday's Needle in a Haystack event.  The facilities were fabulous, the organization was flawless, the classes were an exciting mix and the people who came along were all the loveliness that anyone could ever ask for.  The guilds did a great job of their displays and demonstrations. 

In case you can't tell, it went alright!

My Intro to the Drop Spindle was overflowing with 12 women who blew me away at how quickly they picked up the spinning.  In a mere hour and 20 minutes, minus time for getting in and taking care of class stuff, they were all spinning.  By the end of the time, every single one of them had yarn on their spindles and smiles on their faces.  We'll definitely be putting this class on the roster.  Just think what they could do with several hours.  Wow.

There were 5 intrepid crocheters in the Amigurumi Crochet class.  There wasn't nearly enough time to get the whole Lazy Bee done but they got a good portion of it done, including learning the magic loop cast on, increases, decreases and attaching appendages.  That's a whole lot in that amount of time.  They did a great job and I can't wait to see the finished projects.

All of the classes had enough students to go ahead and there were probably at least 80-85 people who participated in the day.  An amazing results considering there was so little lead time for the event.  In fact up until a week ago, there were grave concerns that it would go at all.  But in the last week, everyone started signing up and it was a great day.  We all fervently hope the College will see its way to hosting another event next year.  THANK YOU, Lincoln Land, Judy and all your staff.  You gave us a wonderful experience.

I was so wrapped up in everything, I didn't think to get pictures but I'm hoping some others who took photos will be able to pass some along.

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Peggy Graham said...

Unfortunately I didn't get any photos either (unbeknownst to me the battery in my camera had died) but I second the opinion that it was a truly awesome event. I had several people comment on their evaluation forms that they really hoped it would happen again next year. And of course you were much too modest to mention the luncheon talk which was fabulous! :)