Sunday, January 23, 2011

Life Questions

Among the many important questions one asks about life and being, a new one occurred to me tonight.

Can one have too many handknit socks?
(P.S. This is about 15 pairs and certainly not nearly all of them.)

The other big question I've faced the past couple of years is when to get a loom and, getting a loom, what kind should I get.  I have weavers on every side of me all telling me that I should add weaving to my skillsets.  Most of them are pretty intimidating weavers (because they do such beautiful stuff, not because they're mean!).  But I've finally taken the step and decided this was the year to learn to weave.  My Christmas present to myself was a 24" Kromski Harp rigid heddle loom.  There are so many considerations as to what to get which I'll get into another day but I'm certainly very happy with my purchase and I'm learning a lot about warping it and choosing yarns for it.

And here's one of my first projects:

It's a loose, plain weave scarf using some zephyr/silk yarn that I had left over from a project several years ago.  The scarf is now completed and ready to wear.  The reason I started with this is, no matter what kind of job I'd done, it would be gorgeous because the yarn is beyond gorgeous.  It's like air.  And soft.  And a beautiful color.  Watch out, weaving.  Here I come!

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Peggy Graham said...

No idea on the loom question because that's something I haven't even looked into (need to get my spinning wheel and some other rather pricey toys first) but I'm sure the answer to the first question - whether it's possible to have too many hand-knitted socks - is a resounding NO! As long as there's winter there will always be a need for more socks than one has knitted up. Of course there are twice as many feet in my household............