Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Real Thing

When you talk about historic knitting, it's usually about knitting old patterns.  This puts a whole new slant on it:
Can I tell you how cool it was to sit in this room and knit?  Talking about the spirit of place.  The next session will be a knitted mittlet class which will be held in the Senate Chamber of the Old State Capital.  There are still places so be sure to contact Tinsley Store at (217) 525-1825 or go by 209 South Sixth Street to sign up.

The 1925 baby bonnet is moving right along.  I had hoped to have it finished this weekend but I got distracted with a few other things!  It's been one of those magical projects that didn't look like anything until the medallions got attached to the main section.  Then, all of a sudden it becomes this little baby bonnet.  Enchanting.

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