Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's comin' up cotton


I've had reports from my Mom this week that our precious little cotton plants are in the pink.  Two of the bolls have opened up and she's proceeding accordingly.  More updates as they happen.

I also found an article today that said cotton prices are at an 15-year high.  Evidently 3 of the major cotton producers - China, Pakistan and Russia - have had major disasters that have all but ruined their crops.  Not good news at all. But for American farmers (and the Indians who are also major cotton producers) with their bumper American crops, you get $85 a bale or whatever it is they pay $85 for.  I told my Mom that she should think about getting a plot and start growing these things seriously.  It's like the ads in those old magazines: "Make money at home in your spare time."  It was usually selling Burpee seeds or doing some sort of craft and selling them but maybe it could apply to cotton growing, too!  Boutique cotton?

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