Monday, August 23, 2010


We interrupt our series of spinning updates to report on an experiment. 

One of the projects we included in our Heritage Knitting Workbook was for a cute little pence purse (or pence jug).  It is a really cute little purse knit with size 5 cotton.  We've been doing some testing so when I saw this Red Heart Eco-Cotton the other day at Hobby Lobby, I just had to take the experimentation a step further.  This is 75% recycled cotton yarn and there's 145 yards in the skein.  I don't enjoy knitting with cotton yarn so I didn't enjoy it from that perspective but 1 skein made this larger version of this purse and it made the "knitting with cotton" worth the effort.  Have a look:
Now back to our regularly scheduled updates.  I finished the Llama roving this weekend and am getting ready to start the item that it will become.

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