Friday, June 11, 2010

Almost and nearly

I finished the first part of the BFL lace weight.  I was able to get almost 900 yards from almost 4 ounces.  This is being spun on my Fricke using the 8.7:1 ratio whorl.  This is project that I'm doing half on the wheel and half on the drop spindle.  I think they're going to be pretty indistiguishable but we'll have to wait and see.  If anything, I think the drop spindle spun will be better because I have to make sure there is absolutely enough twist to avoid dropping the drop spindle. 

I have to say, this drop spindle project has been the best public relations tool ever.  I think I've convinced about 5 people to take up spinning by working on this project in public.  It's also opened up some wonderful conversations with non-fiber people.  Fun.

If you extrapolate it out, this skein works out to about 3,600 yards to the pound or about 26 wraps per inch.  That's a little more than 2 miles worth of yarn.  To get some yarny perspective, Jaeggerspun Zephyr is 5040 yards to the pound; Baby Ull is 1,645; Silky Wool is 1,790 and Cascade 220 is 1,005.  It's about what I was aiming for in my attempt to spin a true lace weight.  If all goes well, when I'm done I should have about 1,800 yards which should give me plenty for a nice large shawl, even a Shetland-type shawl if I want to do that.

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