Monday, August 31, 2009

Three Sisters Folk Art School

Karen, Bill and I went over to Chillicothe, IL, yesterday afternoon for a presentation about a new Folk Art School that's being established at Three Sisters Park. There's a lot of history there that I don't have time right now to mention (click on their links and have a read) but it's a fascinating project that I hope I can be involved in some way.

There are folk art schools but mainly concentrated in the Carolinas and the Northwest. There is nothing really available in the midwest and these folks have a pretty ideal setting for it. The park is set looking out over the Illinois River and is an absolutely beautiful area. They've had one weekend of classes (dollmaking, relief carving, goard carving, quilting and some others I don't remember right now). There is another weekend set for November and then another in April. They're building up a contact list and are interested in talking to anyone who would like to be involved as a volunteer, advisor, teacher, etc.

There were quite a few people there yesterday and it sounds like, just among the group that was there, that most folk arts were covered - by interest, if not by expertise (and there was a lot of expertise there, I can assure you!). They have such a broad selection of classes already planned, from fiber arts to cooking to woodworking to painting to jewelry making and more.

You can sign up for email updates or find out how to contact them at their website.

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Jennie Hawkey said...

It was so great to have you! We are so excited about the community that is evolving around the folk art school. We can't wait for our next round of classes in November. We set our next Folk Art School Guild meeting for October 10th at Three Sisters Park.