Saturday, July 4, 2009

Anatomy of Baby's Bloomers

As you know, I've been knitting for baby(ies), though I believe I'm nearing the end both in terms of having enough for upcoming babies and in desire to knit for babies. But I've learned something really easy I thought I'd pass along. For one of the babies I knit a little dress but I wanted bloomers to go under and discovered an easy-peasy way to make them.
The little dress was very blousy at the bottom so I used about 80% of the stitches I cast on for the dress to cast in the round for the bloomers. I'd decided I wanted to use elastic for the waist so I knit 4 rows in stockinette, did K2together/yo for the next row (for a picot edge), then knitted 6 more rows in stockinette before I started my little eyelet pattern.

Next I knit even using my eyelet pattern until the tube measured 7.5 inches from the picot edge. I then marked 10 stitches from the middle back and 10 stitches from the middle front to use as the crotch. I put all the other stitches on stitch holders. I knit about 10 rows over the 10 stitches on either side, then bound them off using a 3-needle bind off.

Now I was ready to do the legs. I did the same thing for the legs that I did for the waist because I was lazy and just ready to be done but you could knit longer and make little shorts or even pants out of it. I picked up the stitches from one of the legs and then picked up 10 stitches from the crotch piece I'd just finished. The gave me the stitches I needed for the leg so then I used my double pointed needles to finish off the leg edging. I did the second leg the same way and boomps-a-daisy, we have baby's bloomers!

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