Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I'm on quite the spinning spree. I've got a little better picture of the Louet wool and the Ashland Bay alpaca that I completed this weekend. It's still hard to see the colors in the wool but you can see some of the highlights.

The next thing to hand was a 1 oz bag of camel that I bought from Karen. I've never spun camel before but I did know that it's a short fiber so I needed lots of spin in it. I decided to use my lovely Kromski Minstrel set up with Scotch tension and the 8.5:1 ratio whorl, I spun 2 whorls of 1/2 oz each and then plied to get just over 95 yards out of the ounce of fiber. I was a little concerned that I'd spun the singles too tightly but, with the plying, it softened up amazingly and it's made a really nice skein. I'm thinking now that I need to get a couple more ounces, now that I sort of know what I'm doing with it and get a little more yardage for a scarf or maybe gloves. Wouldn't that be wonderful?! Soft camel gloves.

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