Sunday, March 8, 2009

One down, a few to go

I wanted to finish at least one of the projects I have outstanding this weekend and was actually able to do it by finishing my long gloves. They’re soaking right now and I’ll try to figure out how to block them so will have to post pictures a little later. I think they are very elegant but I think, before blocking anyway, that they would be prettier in a less ‘fluffy’ yarn – one with less halo. I think it would show up the pattern a little better. But I still like the idea of this one. I also still like the idea of adding beads around the wrist so maybe I’ll make them again with a less fluffy yarn and some beads. Ha! It’ll go on the list, anyway!!

I got tons on knitting done on my gansey, due almost entirely to the 3 hours I spent Saturday morning with my car in the garage. Rather extensive maintenance and checking which was also insanely expensive. But I keep trying to tell myself, at least it’s not a monthly car payment (although this would make up for a couple of month’s payments). I’ve gotten spoiled by not having a car payment for about the last 6 years. Long may it drive, is all I’ve got to say!!

But back to the gansey, I’ve got about 8 inches of stockinette (in the round) knitted. Very exciting, right? I don’t mind it so much, actually, but I am curious to get started on the patterned part. I’ve decided I’m going to use knit/purl textured patterns – I think a small diamond pattern as a divider, then an argyle-type pattern, then a diagonal pattern. I think I’ve decided on saddle shoulders, too. That style seems to best suit my very narrow shoulders. That’s the plan and no pictures until there’s actually something to show.

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