Thursday, March 26, 2009


I have to admit that there hasn't been much knitting lately in my world. Although I've managed to finish 5 Christmas stockings (2 more to go and then I'm done done), not much else has happened. I did get a little more work done on my gansey, though and it's starting to take shape. I've got the gussets done and I'm well into the pattern. Somehow I must be in a diamond mood because I decided to do the first section as small diamonds. The second section, where I'm at now, is an argyle pattern. I think this is the first sweater I've done with knit/purl patterning. I don't believe I'm going to use any cables on this one but we'll see once I've got the back of the bodice done.

I still love the color and I do love knitting with Galway. I was going to do steeks, which would be perfect for this sort of yarn, but since I'm still not quite sure about the pattern, I decided to do the back and front separately. Less investment in case I decide to do something different. So far, so good.

Vintage Beaded Purse

I went over to one of the local auction houses a few weeks ago and found this lovely beaded crochet purse. Usually these things go for way more than I'm willing to pay but I must have been there on just the right night because there was nobody to bid against me and I got it for a steal. The lining is torn a bit but it's not obvious and the beaded section was complete and in good shape. There was some dirt in some of the beaded areas so I thought, instead of taking the chance of wetting it, I thought I would use a dry paint brush first. There's no telling what I breathed in but it worked a charm and cleaned things right up. A little wipe of the chain with a jeweler's cloth and I think it's cleaned up nicely. Certainly a pretty little thing. 1920's do you think?

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