Sunday, February 15, 2009

Me and My Baby

I have a new baby. Let me introduce you to my new Kromski Minstrel, just arrived and welcomed into its new home.
It came unfinished and I wanted to stain it a dark walnut. Not that I’m the best furniture finisher that’s ever been but I’m thrilled with how it’s come out. After applying the oil, some of the pieces have come up a little lighter than I thought they would but it’s still beautiful. I just couldn't wait for everything to dry to get it all put together.

I’ll have lots to learn since my Louet is basic, basic, basic. There were no ratios or adjustments or double drive or scotch tension so I have never bothered to learn any of that! Now it’s time to graduate from kindergarten spinning to elementary school spinning.

I've already been spinning on it today but I did have to call my friend Karen with a couple of questions this afternoon already. Karen Poulakos Fiber Arts Studios. She's just started carrying Kromskis and I have her to thank for this! I've been wanting a Kromski since I first learned to spin. Well, from early on. Well, at first I wanted an Ashford Traveller but I've always loved the look of the Kromski wheels. Many thanks to the folks on the Ravelry Kromski group who had so much helpful advice on the differences between the Mazurka and the Minstrel.

Gotta go do some more spinning. See ya later!

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