Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Slightly Felted...on purpose

A few years ago I made a sweater from Elsabeth Lavold’s Designer’s Choice Book 1 (click on the next to last image). I made it with her Silky Wool in Lava. I think it’s really pretty but it’s also slightly too large, especially in the shoulders. I’d made it before I’d really figured out how to adjust the pattern for my narrow shoulders.

Yesterday, after I washed it, I decided to try an experiment. I put it in with my dress shirts in the dryer on a delicate cycle and kept a close watch on the time. Silky Wool is made up of wool and silk (silky wool – clever, huh) so I figured it would felt a bit. You know what? It did and it actually worked perfectly. How often does that happen, right? Weren’t you waiting for the punch line to be that it would now fit a small teddy bear? Well, it wouldn’t. It fits me. Perfectly. And it actually looks better with the fabric a little denser. Cool.

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