Saturday, July 19, 2008


I hadn't realized it's been so long away. Work has absorbed all my energy the last 2 week and I've done absolutely nothing else. I feel bad that I haven't been able to meet some knitting deadlines but the biggest part of the rush is over now and I should be able to get to things. The only thing I did manage to finish is my linen Roman Stripe Stole with the beads on the edgings. It's been the first really hot period here but I've so fallen in love with it that I've put it on and worn it around the house for as long as I can stand it at a time!

I ripped out the Pi Shawl with the Habu wool/stainless steel yarn because it was just too unmanageable in that format. I've restarted what I originally thought would be a scarf but has now morphed into a shrug. I should have enough to do the wrist to wrist part with this yarn (I have 2 cones (about 275 yards each) and then I have a plum colored merino Habu yarn that's the same impossibly small weight that I think will work fine if I decide I want to make it into a cardigan, which I'm really liking the thought of. I think I would make it a pretty frilly long edging. We'll see how it goes. I'm starting to get used to working with it but it's not something you can speed along with.

This weekend I'm enjoying working a bit on it while I'm watching the dvd of Season 1 of Burn Notice. I really enjoy the smart aleck humor of the show - very much my sense of humor. In fact I'm a little shocked that it was picked up for a second season. Usually my seal of approval doubles as a seal of doom for shows!

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