Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Watching for the Knitting

I was just reading some posts on a Ravelry group about watching for the knitting. Have you ever watched a movie just to see the knitting in it? There are a number of lists of movies that show people knitting (such as this one) but there are some great movies where the characters wear the most amazing knitwear.

I had the experience with the British television series MI-5 (Spooks in its real life) where I fell in love with the sweater the character Adam Carter wears. He wears it in several different episodes so the actor obviously really liked it, too. It’s a dark green chunky sweater that I’ve decided (after quite a lot of freezing frame and sitting directly in front of the screen!) is a fisherman’s or brioche stitch. The stitch and needle size gave it lots of texture and it had nice cables running up the raglan sleeves. I even made my version of it although I never was quite happy with the starting of the cables.

One of the posters talked about the sweater and matching socks that Gene Kelly wore in “Singing in the Rain”. You know I never even clued into that but I’m off to watch the movie again tonight (“Whadya think I am? Dumb or something?” “I make more money than…Calvin Coolidge…put together!” I could go on all day!)

Wouldn't it be fun to have a design-along to work out the patterns for these?

Have you noticed any other movie or tv knits that intrigue you?

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