Wednesday, April 30, 2008

On the road to geekdom...

I’m getting dangerously close to becoming a certified Dr. Who geek. I’ve been a fan since the 70s with Tom Baker’s Doctor and followed through with Peter Davison’s. There was a Dr. Who break but when it came back in 2004 with Christopher Eccleston, I was drawn right back in and it went from strength to strength once David Tennant came in.

Now all of that is enough for my friends to give me funny looks but it’s what I’m about to share with you that leads me into true geekdom.

On Ravelry a while back I found a pattern for a knitted Dalek (just one of the Doctor’s historical enemies – well you would dislike them, too, if they’d wiped out your planet and people). I printed it out for a friend of mine and couldn’t resist getting it started myself.

It’s been lots of fun and has been very easy to follow. I’ve just been thinking I may just have to do me a TARDIS and maybe even a Doctor as well.

I just got hold of the book called, “
Andean Folk Knits” by Marcia Lewandowski and I shall definitely be doing a couple of Andean bags. The one I’m particularly interested in starting is the Argentine Bolsita de Monedera.

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