Monday, January 14, 2008

Portuguese Fisherman meets the '70s

Just a quick post with a photo of a 1970's American Home Crafts magazine version of a Portuguese Fisherman's sweater. I like the look but it's not like any of the other pics I've been able to find of a traditional pattern. Any thoughts or ideas of where I would find references for this type of sweater?


Chuana said...

Hello Diana! I'm sorry for the late answer, but I've been fulled with school work.
I can't help you much with this, I don't remember seeing this sweater... maybe it's because it's a very old pattern used probably in my grandmother's time. I search the net and my own patterns and didn't find anything like it. So I can't really tell you if this one is a close version of the original.

I can, however give you a link to a portuguese blog that might know what you want:

Chuana :)

susan in Maine said...

OMG Diana, I've been looking for this pattern since the 80s. Had the original pattern magazine but it's long lost and want very much to knit this sweater again.

Came to your blog via the Ethnic Knitting yahoo group which I just joined today. After seeing some of your wonderful work I randomly clicked on an older post and this is what came up. Serendipity!

Susan in Maine

Anonymous said...{5D184DB6-CBF8-489A-8519-D2A68EE3E7B2}
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