Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Class with glass

With beads, that is. I taught my first class at the local bead store last night - La Bead Oh. The class was on knitting with wire and beads and I had an absolute ball. There were 4 students (one of whom didn't even knit) and each one of them finished a project during the class. And let me tell you, they were gorgeous. I keep telling people, the technique is so easy - the beads and wire make it elegant or fun or flirty or like springtime.

I have about 2 dozen examples of different things I've done with the technique, all the way from rings to bracelets to necklaces and pendants. These creative ladies took those examples and the 2 second lesson and went to town. One was plush and rich and elegant with a crocheted gold chain, one was a bracelet bursting with lavender and purple springtime, one was black and white and glittery with copper bracelet and one was the same sort of mix of beads with gold which made another elegant pendant with a whole different feel.

Sorry I didn't get photos. I meant to. I had my camera. I even had my camera out. But when everyone got close to finishing it went a little wild and, well, um, I didn't get photos. Take my word for it, they were beautiful (and I'm not just saying that!). And let me just reiterate that one of the ladies didn't even knit. She learned to knit and made a gorgeous pendant all in one night - how's that for talent!

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