Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Won!!

I won the most recent bout of the beat the gas price contest. You’ve played it, I’m sure. You see that the gas prices are going down. Just how low will they go? Do I get it now or if I wait until this afternoon will it go down more? Sorry, you lose, it’s just gone up 30 cents a gallon. Or it’s going up and you wonder when if it’s going to come down. You keep driving, waiting for the downward turn. It’s a little like playing chicken with the train, train.

I don’t usually think too much about it – I have a little car with reasonably good gas mileage and I don’t have far to drive (nothing in Springfield is very far). But on Sunday evening I noticed that the stations closest to me were $2.75. It was time to fill up. If I fill up on the way to work Monday morning, I’ll still get it at that price because prices usually go up about 11am on Monday morning. Hummm….what to do. I’ll pass. About 10am I had to go out to run some errands. By that time the price had actually gone down to $1.69. I cave and fill ‘er up. Low and behold, by lunchtime the price had jumped to $2.95!

Nice going, right?! I don’t win the contest very often so it’s sweet when I do.

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